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The People Location Website has been trading online since 2008. We have upgraded our website several times and hope that you agree this website has achieved easy navigation with a fresh modern look. Please let us know what you think.

We have been undertaking searches for private investigators, insurance companies, solicitors and a plethora of credit and consumer companies for over a decade. We are a fully licenced and a nationally recognised tracing firm. You may have heard about us on your local radio station. We hold appropriate licensing and registrations with the ICO.  This ensures our clients of a, fast, effective, competent and legally compliant search.


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A Little History

Since 2002 we have invested heavily in state of the art people location softwares and search tools. Our state of the art people location software’s offer address links that are obtained from millions of different UK resources and are continually updated. This amazing technology offers address links and likelihood ratios of being the subject’s current address. Be it from a pizza delivery, online consumer purchases, a credit paid facility, registration on the electoral roll or a phone book publication, our data sets have it. Holding premiere access to these systems is not a simple, low cost, undertaking, last year our licence restricted data access costs were in excess of £100,000.00 ensuring us the market leadership we hold today.




We are not just an online company! You can make an appointment to see one of our people tracing specialists at our London offices.




Tracing people is what we love to do and have done for the last 20 years. If you need full trace reporting covering occupancy, maps, email and telephone searches AS STANDARD then you are in the right place. People Location always offers cost-effective reliable people tracing solutions to hundreds of different people and businesses every day.




We are Pioneers in the professional tracing industry

Unlike many other online tracing agents or skip tracers, we don’t just phone you up and give you an address or send a minimal email with an address. We send full written reports which include maps data as well as E-Mail and Telephone searches. We also include cohabitants or other recorded occupants of the address, previous occupants, businesses recorded at the address and mobile and landline searches, under all located occupant names. As we include all this information as part of our standard reporting service People Location is now one of the UK's most, easy to use, and cost-effective sources for professional Tracing Solutions.