Trace A Person



If you are looking to trace a person you are certainly in the right place.

People come to us for many different reasons to search for people. It may be simply someone you have lost touch with or mislaid their details, it may be due to a family situation or a need to inform them of an upcoming event. It may be to recover money or goods they have not returned.


We trace people for many reasons, some listed below...


  • Adoptive Parent Tracing

  • Long Lost Love Tracing

  • Catfish Tracing Or Online Romances

  • Debtor Tracing

  • Beneficiary / Heir Tracing

  • Long Lost Family Tracing

  • X Spouse Tracing

  • Children (Adult) Tracing

  • Property Owner Tracing

  • X Tenant Tracing

  • Old Friends Tracing

  • Legal Tracing

  • Witness Tracing

  • Address Link Tracing

  • Any Type of People Tracing



We also take instructions for



  • Telephone number tracing

  • Email Tracing

  • Corporate searches

  • Birth Marriage death Searches

  • Genealogy Searches

  • And Lots More!!!



Whatever the reason our experts at People Location can help.


Don’t worry if your specific reason isn’t on the list. As long as you have a genuine need to trace the person and there is no legal or moral reason that you should not contact them we can help find them.


Many people think the first port of call is to ask a Private investigator. We have close ties with many PI’s all over the world and are pleased to say that most PI’s now contract this type of enquiry to a professional people finder, AKA tracing agent.



People Location set up in 1998 with the sole goal of tracing people, that’s all we do! Our company was formed on the premise that we wanted to offer our clients the very best in people tracing solutions and not try to be a jack of all areas of investigation. That being said, we are one of the UK’s best-known tracing agents with one of the UK's largest tracing agent’s websites spanning three separate domain names, we do have a powerful hand when it comes to any kind of data procurement.


Our line of work encompasses most things registered and recorded. Hence, when someone’s looking for phone numbers, emails, address occupants and more, our searches often uncover the records.


Many of our traces are undertaken on the full no find no fee service. For this, we do need certain things. We need a full name they are using today, they have to be UK based, we need an old address which is more than a year old and less than 10 years old. And, as long as there are no complications, we can run a search.


Many cases do need a little more. We love getting results and we love happy clients hence cases that need a little more attention do need a budget to spend on the case. It covers your tracing professionals time and resource costs. We call these submission fees. Submission fees start at £89 and are usually no more than £199


With the budget in place, we can assure our clients of a full in-depth search undertaken by reliable professional people tracing agents.