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Tenant Tracing & Debtor Tracing

If you are the victim of absconding tenants People Location can help. We know that real estate is a livelihood and important income for most landlords and absconding tenants with rent arrears can leave you frustrated. Read more at the below link…


People Location Find Birth Mother

Andy was in search of his birth mother. Andy is now living in the USA after his adoptive family moved there in the mid 1970’s. Andy had his own birth details and little else other than rumour and hearsay to go on. Read more at the below link…


Traced Family After 50 Years Apart

Andy and Frank have been good friends for over 20 years. Frank is a Canadian and his father flew missions during WW2. He Explained to Andy that he remembers his father’s English friend called Bill and his son, JOHN, who was about 8 years old at the time. Read more at the below link…


Land Owner Tracing

Martin needed to undertake changes to his title deed however there was a problem. The freeholder was missing! The address on the title deed was the same address as Martins and the only other details we had was that the title was completed in 1987, and the name SANDRA LOCK. Read more at the below link…


Beware Social Media and Online Dating


We have seen a major surge in online fraudsters, often based offshore and pretend to be in the UK. Or often, you will find they say they are working abroad. Online chat then becomes phone chat and then maybe an exchange of photographs. Things blossom and the victim feels a false sense of a connection or liking to the other. Read more at the below link

Tracing People With people Location
What sort of information do we need to conduct a trace
How we recommend you initiate first contact with long lost family or friends
Tracing Distant Birth Family