CEO Statement 10-01-2019


Director’s comments


End of another fantastic year!


It’s been a great year and as we went through 2018 the people location website has again expanded. With the Launch of our new “showcase” People Location website and targeting advertising on-line and in the radio and media, submission rates have trebled. The people location home page is great is the place to go to read about success stories and more.


The first week of 2019 has been a busy one with more happy clients submitting testimonials of thanks in one week than ever before. This feedback leaves our enthusiastic team of researchers motivated to help others get back in touch, I very much give thanks for the great feedback received in recent times. We are posting them soon so please watch out for them, their still based on the usual, top left of the showcase website or on the main page of the Main, home site.


I have high hopes of progressing the firm's influence in other searches that can easily be achieved by our in-house data procurement experts. These searches include telephone sweeps, property ownership searches and we pride in our low-cost asset sweeps and background searches from only £149! Our in-house data procuring experts cannot only trace people but we can find information out too. 2018 saw the biggest rise ever in clients asking for other searches to be undertaken encompassing 20% of submissions for the entire year.


I wish all who have contributed over the last 12months a happy new year.


Anthony Clifford (CEO)