Trace A Debtor


Get whats owed to you or your business!

We know that missing payments from debtors or x-tenants can be devastating to small companies and individuals. In order to recover your funds a current place of contact is always needed. We trace debtors within 3 days.


People finders and UK Tracing Agent


We trace thousands of debtors for all sorts of different people and businesses. Be it overdue agreements, absconding tenants, CSA tracing, non delivery of goods, we could go on and on, We've done it all!


To start a debtor trace simply complete our online submission form or call us direct to get your debtor trace underway.


If you are trying to trace a debtor, or locate absconding tenants who owe rent, on-line, credit paid, systems offer  little help. Let us locate your debtor for you. Our searches go far further than credit paid online facilities as we are real people with real knowledge of how to trace debtors and best of all we offer a no find no fee trace service meaning you only pay location fees when you get the RIGHT results.


"Needed details of my ex-hubby for the CSA to pull their finger out... Very fast and efficient service. Very pleased with service. Will say that it helps to give them every last bit of info you have to help them progress their search. Thank you."


(S G Harrison, West Midlands)

Your People Location debtor trace agent will, not only, sieve through all the data to offer you a clear understandable report. They will also take an active role in tracing your missing debtor which may include, speaking to friends or family, contacting government agencies, speaking to employers or colleagues, all of which is undertaken with covert discretion. Your debtor location report will also include searches from our cutting edge people location systems. Locating a debtor is, in our view, best done covertly. If the debtor knows you are looking for them he/she may make a service of documents difficult. Tracing debtors is a task best undertaken by people tracing experts.


If you need a thorough trace for your missing debtor then let one of our experienced UK people finders undertake an active role in locating them. Your allocated debtor trace agent will contact you directly and advise how the location request is progressing. We usually return debtor trace requests within 3 business days, however some avenues of enquiry may take slightly longer, also dont be surprised if we report within 24 hours! Either way your allocated UK people location expert will be on hand to direct searches, offer updates or take on any new information that may have surfaced regarding your debtor or absconding tenant.



When you need a thorough job done you need a professional! Have your own dedicated debtor trace expert take care of your tracing request.




Tracing people in the UK to serve court papers


Need to trace a witness or serve legal papers on an individual? We can help; we have located witnesses all over the UK for our clients for over 15 years. Witness location or witness tracing is best left to people tracing experts who hold the technology and know-how to offer a fast covert and effective location of the witness.


Service Of legal papers


We offer a local service of court documents undertaken by approved process servers.


Does someone owe you money?


We can help locate the address where you can establish direct contact as well as locate current contact mobile and landline telephone numbers.


Need to trace a missing tenant?


Trace the current address of old or absconding tenants who still owe outstanding rent or repair bills. We trace X tenants for hundreds of people and landlords every year. If you have multiple debtors please contact us for bulk tracing, in excess of 10 cases.


Trace Your debtor today



Witness tracing?


Witness tracing can be done in several different ways depending on the information we have to start with. We have access to state of the art technology as well as well-versed agents who are most proficient when tracing people to serve court papers. This can sometimes involve covert searches and enquiries so as not to alert the witness or person who we are tracing



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