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We are a UK based enquiry agent offering tracing and data on UK people and businesses. With nearly 20 years experience in the Enquiry Agent feild we have now become the first port of call for many solicitors and private detectives who have a need for up to date accurate address data and more. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation about your enquiry

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Whatever your tracing needs, our people finders will undertake all the necessary enquiries to carry out the job in hand.

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We can conduct all sorts of searches at cost effective rates.


Need a birth, death or marriage search, company searches, telephone searches, all sorts of searches!


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Cost-effective and reliable tracing solutions with a reliable UK tracing agent

We love finding people for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the reason is you need to find someone our experienced team will be happy to take instruction, report and advise. Positive locations include phone, email and occupancy searches via state of the art, licensed, people location data sets, we offer reports that no other tracing agent can offer! Our licences cover a multitude of resources giving us premiere access to information on an unparalleled level.  Our Tracing Agent London offices are based in central London. You can make an appointment to visit one of our experienced tracing agents here


We succeed where other tracing agents fail

We pride ourselves in being one of the few UK tracing agents who are happy to take on cases which have been reported back as negative by other less thorough tracing agents. As we focus our core business on people finding our data access is unparalleled and our expertise recognised throughout the industry. Many of these tracing agents simply run the data through online data sets and pass the details on. This tracing tactic often leaves clients bewildered and unsure if the search was done accurately or professionally.


We deal with high level corporate and individual clients

We have been approached by the BBC and other television production firms for assistance on recent television programs as well as large corporate household brands for head hunting and due diligence. We have also been core researchers for several celebrity clients who wish to know more about their past or unlock family secrets that they have been wondering about for years.



Tracing agent UK

As a tracing agent, we excel and have done since 1998. Our straightforward and in-depth formula to trace a person’s address is usually completed within three working days. We use award-winning technology and experienced tracing agents and specialists who know how to interpret the data and follow the right leads.


Enquiry Agent

We are a UK Enquiry Agent / tracing agent. We undertake all types of enquiries including, asset searches, occupancy searches, property ownership searches and more. Please call us for any bespoke searches. were not just a simple, low-end low budget tracing agents, we do a lot more than tracing!


UK’s Premiere People Finder

This website is designed to offer people and businesses a quick, no-nonsense, solution to people finding in the UK. As a qualified and experienced UK people finders / tracing agent we offer in-depth and compliant searches of any UK individual (T&Cs Apply).


Bulk Tracing

Bulk Trace and volume tracing instructions can offer substantial discounts. Contact us for bespoke quotes on 10 or more submissions.

Finding People Since 1998

We trace Anyone!



We are the UKs number 1 premiere tracing agents with over 15 years’ experience in the art of locating long lost family, tracing debtors or tracking down old flames from years gone by.


We are a specialist tracing agency based in the UK. Our searches offer staggering amounts of information from our bespoke tracing solutions data sets.

“Unparalleled people finding data-sets that bundle information from millions of resources, our licensed software’s hold premium access to information that is not always readily available to public sources. The returns are amazing!”

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**PLEASE NOTE** We are not a budget trace agent who simply run your data through credit datasets or votors roll. We are experienced experts. We supply full trace reports on all submissions offering everything from phone searches, E-Mail searches, occupancy data and even images of the house they are in. Don't get fooled by agents who simply email inaccurate address data from unconfirmed credit and voter softwares!!