Genealogy Searches

Although People Location focuses our core business on tracing people much of what we do involves tracing back family genealogy.


Do you want to know who your great-grandfather was? Did he re-marry leaving you with a whole new side to your family? Or did your great aunt have 2 marriages and now you're looking for the family lineage and if there are any living descendants today.


As a tracing agent,  we excel so if you're looking to find out more about your family history and where it leads on to today our experts here have the access and the know-how to offer a fast effective and cost-efficient search of your family lineage.

Many clients come to us because of a rift in their family’s past and they want to know more.


Are there cousins or uncles that you know little about. Our genealogy sweeps can connect the dots and piece together a firm connection to living relatives. Many of our searches go back over 150 years. And on several occasions, we have gone back much further.


Although we don’t do full family trees we are happy to undertake a search of relatives up to 5 generations back. As with all family history and lineage searches you can, to a degree, go on and on and we are happy to explore to the full extent of our capability. This will usually be done on a step by step scenario.


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