How do you trace my missing person?




This is a question we are often asked and, as you will appreciate; there is no straight forward answer as we won’t know this until we find them and there no set “formula” to trace a person. Our people location experts are armed with years of experience as well as, bespoke, state of the art people location software’s that offer address links obtained from millions of different UK resources. These local and enhanced datasets are continually updated on a minute by minute basis. This amazing technology offers address links and likelihood ratios of being the subject’s current address. Be it from a pizza delivery, online consumer purchase, a credit paid facility, registration on the electoral roll, a phone book publication, web listing or local borough data, our data sets have it.


Holding premiere access to these systems is not a simple or low cost undertaking, last year our licence restricted data access costs were in excess of £100,000.00. GBP


Our avanues of enquiry will very much depend on the data we have to work with.  To give our clients an idea of how we operate here are some hypothetical case files.


We need to trace John Smith. He left 100 Church Road 2 years ago. We know he is about 40 years old.



Step 1 we look at the last known address and historical occupancy data.


Step 2 We see John Smith was living there with Jane Smith who’s DOB is 20-05-1972


Step 3 We confirm the marriage via the Marriage certificate.


Step 4 We confirm addresses for 6 John Smith’s, who are about 40 living with Jane Smith’s.


Step 5 Out of the 6 possible candidates only one Jane Smith is born 20-05-1972.


Step 6 Confirm current occupancy. This can be done in numerous ways, via registrations recorded, telephoning the person, neighbours of the person or many other means.


Step 7 Report our findings.

We need to find Jane Smith. She went to church road school in 1962 and would be born 1949-1951. She had a younger brother called Simon.


Step 1. We trawl the births register for Jane smiths born within our time frame.


Step 2. We cross reference the Jane smiths with siblings called Simon and locate 4 matches.


Step 3 Out of our 4 matches only 1 appears in our target, London, area.


Step 4, We trawl the marriage register and find Jane Smith Married Paul Jones in London during 1973.


Step 5, We find historical data for Jane Jones living with Paul jones during 1988 with a DOB for Jane Jones 01-01-1950.


Step 6, We locate the current address for Jane Jones via the new name and confirmed DOB.


Step 8 We confirm current occupancy and co-occupants by recent registrations in the last few days at the new address.


Step 9 Report our findings.



Don't Worry, we never tell anyone we are tracing the person or our client details!

We don't tell the person we are looking for them unless you ask us to

We need to trace John Smith Born 01-01-1956 last known to have lived in the Devon area during the 1980s’s and owned a small fishing company.


Step 1 We trawl the companies’ house register of appointees and find the historical appointment for John Smith Fishing Ltd.


Step 2 We confirm the DOB as accurate and the last recorded address in Devon, 100 church road.


Step 3 We look at the occupancy data of 100 church road and note relatives residing at the address but John Smith appears to have left in 2010.


Step 4 We obtain a direct telephone line into the address. The current occupant, his daughter, says he now lives in Plymouth with a lady called Mrs Jones. (We may or may not tell the occupant why we are looking for the person)


Step 5 Undertake a trawl of the Plymouth area of all the John Smiths living with Mrs Jones and find 4 possible matches.


Step 6 Confirm John Smiths current location via the co habitant, Mrs Jones, the DOB match and a recorded registration 18 days ago.


Step 7 Report our findings

We need to trace john Smith. He owns the freehold of 100 church road.


Step 1 We obtain the title deed for 100 Church Road.


Step 2 We see the title deed was purchased in 1982.


Step 4 We search occupants of the address and John Smith appears to never have resided at the address. It appears to be a rental address since 1988 onwards.


Step 5 We look over company data and see a sole tradership, “John Smith property management” This is a non-limited company so no company house filings exist. We see the last trading address 100 station Road, is only 8 miles away from our target address.


Step 6 We check occupancy data for 100 Station Road and see John Smith with his wife Jane Smith left this address in the early 1990’s


Step 7 We check our in house data sets for address links from this last known home address and see a forwarding address listed in 1996.


Step 8 We confirm current occupancy and ownership of the property since the mid 1990’s and registration of occupancy recorded throughout the last 10 years to current.


Step 9 We obtain a contact landline for the address and speak to the subject directly, confirming current occupancy


Step 10 Report our findings