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Full Report of searches covering Assets & Business.



A Full Report Covering Searches of…

  • Address Ownership (England & Wales only. Scottish searches incur additional fees)

  • Address Links and ownership

  • Businesses recorded (in-depth Search)

  • Demographic Profile.

  • Occupancy periods 

  • Telephone numbers at the address 

  • Linked Address

  • Occupancy periods

  • Appointments

  • Current & ceased

  • Business Bank Account Sweep

  • Corporate shareholdings

  • Credit Search

  • CCJ searches (all address links)

  • Bankruptcy

  • IVA

  • Insolvency

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THESE ARE NOT AUTOMATED SEARCHES. We are real data procurement experts and enquiry agents.


Tracing agents you can rely on


You may also wish your search to encompass

Court appearances and sentences

Offshore connections

In-depth company reports

FTSE 100 searches

Marriage, divorce or past relationship searches

birth or death trawls.

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Simply complete the below form telling us as much information as possible, linked addresses, business interests, date of birth or age, anything that you think will assist us in our search, the more we have the better. (at the very least we need a name & address)


We will contact you usually within a few business hours to discuss your case and arrange payment. We ask for 3-4 working days to complete the search and report back. Or feel free to call and instruct by phone on 0208 390 1703, our offices are open weekdays 9AM-5:30 PM


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THESE ARE NOT AUTOMATED SEARCHES. We are real data procurement experts and enquiry agents. We take time to research the case and spend budget obtaining applicable documentation. Our reports can give clients a realistic idea of an individual’s worth before instigating expensive legal proceedings. You may also be considering a business venture with the person. Our reports can give clear indication whether the impression you have been given is an accurate one.


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Please read our Terms of Submission for asset tracing..