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Q. What is tracing?


A. Tracing is finding a current address or place of contact for a missing person.


Q. What does it cost


A. As long as you have enough data for us to work with we can trace your person on a no find no fee basis. Enhanced or in-depth traces cost from £99 per locate.  We are in-depth accurate agents who often spend time and budget on the search. Some searches do need submission fees to spend on the case itself. this ensures we use every tool in our arsenal to locate the correct person. 



Q. Do you Trace people in the UK for offshore clients?


Yes! People Location's presence in the USA and Europe has seen major growth since 2009. We have received hundreds of USA based clients who also want a cost-effective UK tracing service. If you live in the USA or Europe and want to trace a British person we can definitely help.




Q Do I have to pay anything up-front?


A. We don't usually ask for an up-front fee for the initial search as long as you have enough data for us to commence the search. Once we confirm a current location the location fee is due before we release the address or information. Although submission fees, for cases that require certificate searches, in-depth data analysis or cases with minimal known information are non-refundable, additional fees. (see FAQ Submission fees)



Q Why do you need my card details?


A. We need to verify that the submission is genuine. Don't worry we contact you BEFORE any payment is debited and we never hold or store payment details after completion. You can also pay a non-refundable deposit via PayPal with a balance Payable on completion. If you're a business we accept BACS & cheque payments (T&C's Apply)



Q Will anyone Find out about my trace?


A, No, None of our searches leave footprints nor will we tell anyone about your trace instruction. We usually don't make direct contact with the person unless you ask us to.



Q. Where do you get all this information from


A. Our state of the art cutting edge people location software's cover a huge amount data from a multitude of different data sources. Our systems hold optimised current and historical data to verify the criteria supplied is matching our search. These will not only include rolling register, company registrations, appointee searches, current and historical directory enquiry information, national publications, local and national registrations, census data. It can also search, credit details, dates of registrations and applications, unlisted phone data, occupant data. We could go on and on we cover a huge amount of other, published and unpublished information. Our results can sometimes include, home and mobile telephone numbers, email addresses, employers, Ex or current partners. The list is endless. Our in house tracing specialists can also take on an active role in locating your missing person which can include speaking to friends, family, employers and numerous other corporations and government departments. Read HOW DO YOU TRACE MY MISSING PERSON HERE




Q Are you registered or licensed?


A, The people location website is owned and operated by Rainbow Promotions UK LTD. Rainbow is a regulated and licensed agency. We are regulated by the ICO (Information Commissioners office) Our DPA (Data Protection Act). Again feel free to check our registration, our registration number is Z1106333.



Q. Can you trace my missing person with only minimal information?


A. In Short terms YES, but we do need at the very least a full name or mixture of name or address and/or area to conduct a trace as well as age range or DOB. The more information we have the better. Last year we confirmed current locations for over 89% of submitted cases and reported full data on 100% of cases submitted. And confirmed addresses for many cases with minimal known information. We are always happy to look over cases with minimal known information, however, dependent on the amount of data we have to work with, you may be asked for a submission fee.


Q. What happens if you can’t Find my missing person, Do I Still Have to Pay?


A.  No, you Don't have to pay. If we can’t find your missing person we will email you with any additional information we found on your case free of charge. We may also offer extended searches which may incur submission fees which you can consider. Submission or research fees are non-refundable. 




Q What are submission fees for?


Submission fees are usually needed when certain documents have to be obtained, we need to access licence restricted data systems or significant agent time is required for your trace. Possibly there is minimal information known about the missing person. We usually need a full name, a known address, more than a year old and less than 20 years and a full DOB. If we need to undertake initial searches to clarify these details, submission fees for additional agent time may be required. These are non-refundable additional searches and you can decline them before any are implemented.



Q. How do I know you have found the right person?


A. Our experts work hard to find your missing person. We spend time and budget researching your case. We cross-reference multiple data sets; we may well, discreetly, directly contact friends, neighbours and work colleagues. We always take extra steps to ensure the person we have located is the right person, with premiere access to cutting-edge, people location technology and, the most important thing, an experienced expert who has investigated your case thoroughly. This assures you we have the right person every time. However, if for whatever reason, we ever Find the person we have located is not contactable at our traced address, we will re-investigate the case until we find the right person! That's our promise! Read More



Q. Do you trace people who live abroad?


A. Yes we can depending on where we think they are. We generally focus our searches within the UK and cannot offer offshore tracing on a No Find No Fee basis. However, on many occasions, our UK based investigations have led us to offshore home addresses, contact locations and employment.



Q. Is tracing people and finding information on them legal?


A. Yes! As long as there is no court order or pending court action restricting you from tracing the person. We hold the applicable data accesses, licences and registrations to hold and provide data at this level. You can confirm our registration held with the ICO. You can call us on 0208 390 1703 or come down and visit our offices and speak to one of our people location specialists direct.






Q. Has the ownership details ever been wrong, or out of date?


A. No, not ever



Q. Do you guarantee the accuracy of ownership details?


A. Yes, We guarantee all results on the date of purchase





Q. What happens if you can't find anything on my Birth Death or Marriage search?


A. This means the Birth, Death or Marriage (BDM) didn't occur during the periods searched. This can, on occasion, be due to the record being held in a different country





Q. Why use People Location Tracing services?


A. Most online tracing companies simply run data through electoral registers and other publicly available systems. The People Location Tracing Agent has access to cutting-edge people location software’s and bundles your searches through multiple sources of data, many of which are not freely available to the general public. Search results offer a staggering amount of information such as email addresses, phone numbers, D.O.B.'s and of course home address details and linked address details. The list is endless! Not only is do we utilise all of our cutting-edge technology; our agents are real people location experts with years of experience tracking down all sorts of different individuals and we never rely on simple 192 or electoral roll searches!



Q. Can you undertake these searches faster or take instruction over the phone?


A. Yes, please, call us on 020 8390 1703 or leave us a message and we call you back.