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1. Complete the below form to the best of your knowledge. Tell us as much as possible; take your time, the more we have the better. Include middle names or initials, Last known address, linked addresses or areas, DOB, age, phone numbers or email, people they may live with, Line of business they are in, as much as possible. Don't worry if you miss something you can add more information later. (You can also cut & paste from WORD or notebook Doc) We will contact you, usually within a few business hours, to discuss your case and confirm your payment options.



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2. We will contact you, usually within 10 working days, to arrange final payment. This can be done several ways. By phone using your designated credit or debit card. On line using our secure service with PAY PAL, by (BACS) or bank transfer. Cash paid into our account with an accompanied case reference.




3. Your full positive trace report is then, by return, emailed to you with your missing persons new address details, other occupants, tel No's and more.



In the unlikely event we are unable to locate your missing person we can still email you a report of searches and findings. Possible secondary, more in-depth searches.

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Cost Effective Reliable Tracing


People Location have been UK people finders since 1998 and have over a decade of experience in tracing people in the UK. All trace requests submitted to People Location are reported back with, any associated telephone numbers or email addresses’. They can also include employment information or appointment data, and can also list associated County Court Judgments.

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