Terms & Conditions of “background / Asset” Submissions

People Location is a Trading name of BASE: Add 117 Brighton Road Surbiton Surrey KT6 5NJ Tel: 020 8 390 1703

By submitting an instruction to People Location you are making an agreement to the below conditions.

1, By instructing People Location on this day I am fully aware that I have entered a “binding” agreement between me (THE CLIENT) and People Location (THE MERCHANT).


2, I can confirm I am over 18 years old.


3, I will not use the information supplied by People Location for any illegal or considered unlawful activities.


4, I agree that my interests in this person in no way associate in harming them or their associates, physically, emotionally or their media / public image.


5, To my knowledge, I can confirm there is no legal reason restricting me from perusing any personal information on my submission. There are no legal judgements or restrictions incurred by UK court or other responsible, recognised authorities, including offshore authorities, banning my seeing or restricting my distance from the person I am seeking a search on.  (We don’t want to break the law)


6, I am aware that People Location has been instructed by me to undertake a UK search of background or assets. I am aware that this is a search and does not in all cases guarantee a location of prevoius recorded or unrecorded hsitory, activity or assets, that may be hidden, indirectly owned or registered offshore. I am aware this is a search and costs incurred for the search are non-refundable.


7, I also agree that People Location or their staff members are not liable for any losses, in any case whatsoever, which may occur due to my location request, such as any loss of inheritance.


8, I agree that once instruction is made and enquires have commenced I can not cancel my instruction.


9, I agree that I will not withhold vital details or give misleading information regarding my submission. I am aware that by withholding, or giving misleading, information concerning my submission may incur location fees, submission fees or other costs that will not be refunded. It may also result in legal actions being taken. I will supply, to the best of my knowledge, all relevant details regarding my trace and will not withhold information which may hold relevance to my submission.


10, I am also aware that People Location takes data security and the processing of private information very seriously and does not hold, store or pass on any of my own or my case details.


11, I am aware that People Location cannot always reveal the original sources of any accumulated case information.


12, I am an adult, in sound mind and responsible for my actions, and I agree freely for People Location to conduct this search on my behalf.


13, I am aware People Location has the right to deny or cease further enquires, without notice or reason with any submission at any time.




That’s it!