Trace A Long Lost Love

We love tracking down long-lost sweethearts from years gone by. At People Location we know that this can be a daunting step.

Many people come to us a little bit cautious due to the nature of the enquiry. Will anyone find out what I’m doing? Will they tell her/him ive been looking for them?


We can put all these concerns to rest. We tell no one about your search, we won’t discuss your case with anyone else, and if you are a bit cautious we can be very discreet about contacting our client in case word gets out. We know this is a very private affair and our clients have faith in us to keep their personal request personal.



These types of searches can be quite in-depth. We often have to dig out as much details as possible about the person before we can trace them to a current address. It’s a two-step scenario. First, we need to know exactly who we are finding, then we find them.



As we are an in-depth search and people tracing agents, our reports are unparcelled and, in this type of search, imperative data.


We search for the birth data of the person, we search for their siblings and parental details. We search for any marriages, which in some instances can be multiple times. We also search for children resulting from the marriages and we even scour over open-source data to see if we can obtain any images of them. We see who they live with or whom they have lived with. We search for phone numbers, email and online publications. 


After 20 years of re-uniting teenage sweethearts and long-lost loves we know it's these details that really matter. And we know our findings can have an impact on how a client proceeds, or if they decide to make the step of contacting them.


The People Location Tracing Agency is a real company operated by real experts. We don’t subcontract or pass on work to others. All our UK searches are undertaken by experts based in-house.


We are applicably licensed, regulated and registered company. We never breach GDPR or ICO regulations or guidelines, so all our clients can happily sit back, relax whilst our experts undertake a thorough, in-depth and legally compliant search.


Whether is been 5 years or 70 years we have the knowledge, tools and passion to trace your long-lost sweetheart in a matter of days.


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