Trace A Missing Brother Or Sister


Tracing your brother or sister?

Its easy with People Location.


Tracing siblings is something the people location team have been doing for over a decade. Sometimes its down to family rifts or parental splits. Sometimes it can be as simple as losing touch and a house move. In any case, the expert tracing agents at people location are ready to listen to your story, take instruction and put you on the road to reunite with your family.

You may be looking for a sister who you don’t have a birthdate for and she married, and you don’t know what her new name is. It may be a brother who ventured off into the world and you simply want to know he is safe and well.  We have undertaken sibling searches for all sorts of people. You may have seen our television collaborations where we assisted in reuniting siblings after 20 years apart and a move to South Africa. It's one of the countless siblings we have put back in touch with outstanding results.


We have also assisted many clients who are a little concerned about their sibling and they want to know if they can help them back on the road to recovery.


Whatever the reasons are we can help in finding out where they are now. Call one of the team on 0208 390 1703 for a consultation on your scenario. Let us listen to your story and see if we can help with a happy ending


Adoption tracing

We have been tracing adopted siblings for many years. Many clients do come to us with quite a bit of information. If we have a full or partial name, that they have been using as an adult, then chances are we can fill in the gaps. If you don’t know the name or any part of the name, it’s a very tall task and although we are always happy to undertake the search, success does depend on what is recorded and available. In all cases, our reliable team of experts are happy to offer genuine advice on the viability of success and possible routes of enquiry.


We can not search for, or take instructions from, anyone under the age of 18. Make sure that the person you want to trace is a legal adult.