Trace An Ex Spouse or Partner

Need a Divorce


Many people break up with their spouse, often glad to see the end of a destructive relationship, to move on in life without a thought of the future. The last thing on your mind is getting lawyers involved and divorce papers sent out, the money isn’t there and will is gone. You just need to leave. Often years or decades pass and when you’re in a new relationship, things progress, and then the next step is marriage. But your still legally married and need to get a divorce. Where is he/she?



People Location can help. We can locate a current address for your missing spouse, so you can get the nasty, form filling and box ticking procedure out of the way and concentrate on your new life and your stable happy relationship.

Experience dictates that our reports are an imperative part of this legal process and on the rare occasion it’s a negative result the report stands in court to say, you looked using professionals and he/she can’t be found. This often leads to the decree being granted in their absence.

Out of Touch

Sometimes partnerships don’t work out. This can be down to numerous reasons, work, money, family issues or spark simply fizzles out. You may want to reach out to them as they have been a major impact in your life. Possibly you feel that you have blame for the breakdown of the marriage and wish to try and make amends.


Property or assets

Relationships and marriages are often a partnership of assets and property. You may wish to move to a new house or property, or the lease is nearing an end you need the spouse or partner to sign off documentation. You need to locate them or you need evidence of a through and legally compliant search. In steps People Location. We can trace and report in a matter of days.


All these, and more, are common occurrences for our team of tracing experts and we have fantastic results in spouse tracing.


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