Trace Birth Parents

Whether you were adopted, or you have simply lost touch, we can find your birth parents with expert precision.

We have been locating adoptive family for over a decade. It's now a core part of our business!


Experience dictates that this is a nerve raking decision often pondered about for years before making that positive move to find them.



Will they want to know me? Do I have brothers or sisters? Will they deny my existence?

These are all valid questions which can only be answered one way. Attempting contact.


We are happy to advise that over 85% of our located birth parents wanted to make contact and have some dialogue with their adopted children, That’s more than 8 out of 10!

There are always some who wish to keep the past in the past. In this event, we always keep our doors open and, should they change their mind, they can revert to us. They know this door is now open to them and we are easy to look up.


Once you have decided to make that daunting step to uncover more about your birth parents you will be directed to our specialist team who will be there every step of the way. We offer advice and the benefits of our experiences from the countless cases we have undertaken over the last 20 years.


We feel a duty to make sure the initial contact is smooth and handled in the delicate manner it deserves. We always recommend mediation in the first instance. Although all our searches do encompass searches of phone numbers and of course the current addresses, we never recommend direct immediate contact. This is a delicate step that our team have many years of experience with.  Always write in the first instance. Try to keep it short and simple. Our team are on hand to offer meditation, dialogue with the located persons, and introductions that often greatly assist in softening the blow. 


Once we have found the details your allocated case handler will be there to talk you through what we have found, offer advice on the next steps to make contact, and go through the “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to reaching out to them.



We welcome nervous client and we are never pushy, and always advise that you make that clear decision to move forwards before we take a formal instruction.



Call one of our team today for expert friendly advice on tracing your birth parents on 0208 390 1703