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Find old friends, track down old flames, look up old school friends



We have found thousands of missing people over the years for many different reasons. One of our most popular submissions is to find childhood friends or a long lost sweetheart from years gone by.


Did they marry? Did they stay married, did they have children. How have they spent the last X amount of years and what have they achieved since your last contact?


As all people do, you may ponder about people who are no longer part your life, how things may have been different. How are they now? And, are they happy? Old flames, who you never forgot, old work buddies or school friends from years gone by. Tracing long-lost loved ones and finding old friends is always a special undertaking done in the discreet manner it deserves. We are an experienced and established tracing agents who know that making contact after so many years can be an emotionally demanding experience. We offer advice, support and extended initial contact services which can assist in your first meeting with your old friend or flame from years ago.




Trace old school friends


If you’re looking for a tracing agent to help you get back in to touch with old pals from school we can help. Submissions for Finding old school friends has boomed over recent years and its always a great experience for our staff to hear the fantastic stories of long lost buddies from school reuniting after 10, 20 or 50+ years. This year we have reunited 100’s of old school friends from years ago. People Location Tracing agents has years of experience in this field



Looking For a Long Lost Sweetheart


If you wish to contact a high school sweetheart, an old flame from years gone by we can help! Tracing a high school sweetheart or rekindling up a romance from years gone by can evoke a mixture of anxious as well as excited emotions. Our tracing agents are extremely experienced in this field and will treat the search and client reporting in a professional delicate manner.


Old Army friends or work buddies


Need to track down a buddy from the forces or workplace our UK tracing agents and people finding experts have the means, technology and the know-how to cover all angles to establish a suitable place of contact.



If you wish to contact someone from the past we can assist. With bespoke tracing agent technology, people location dataset searches and enhanced genealogy technology and, of course, the most important component, a fully trained and experienced people finder tracing agent experts, your location report will be in your hands within a matter of days!


You may also wish to know if they have married divorced or had children. In most cases, our searches do procure this information. You may also wish to use our extended services which can help obtaining GRO records and certificates. People Location’s extended services can also include discreet contact with the person to make the initial contact a smooth transition.



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