Trace Your son or Daughter

Have you lost touch with your children?

Possibly you lost touch many years ago and you wonder if they are well? Are the Grandchildren OK.


Reaching out to family after a long period of time can be daunting. Many people come to us simply so they can send a Christmas card or birthday card. Maybe you just want to know where they are for peace of mind. Or maybe there is a family event or occurrence that they need to be made aware of. Or maybe there was a falling out and you wish to clear the air and start again. Life is short too short to spend so much time apart.


We are sorry to advise that all our cases must be on adults and we cannot trace anyone under the age of 18

We have been tracing adult children for clients for over 20 years.


Trce Your Long Lost Family

We have been a good ear and source of genuinely good advice for countless clientele trying to traverse a difficult time.

If you think now is a good time to reach out to your family. Speak to our team of friendly and experienced experts. We know times like these are difficult.

Sometimes good advice from an experienced expert can put our client in the right frame of mind to push forwards, make delicate and appropriate contact and reunite in a constructive manner.

We know there many reasons to reach out to them. And we also know time slips by faster each day.

Once you are back in touch you may wonder why you wasted so much time. But late is better than never!


Feel free to call our team for expert advice on 0208 390 1703