Basic searches to in-depth tracing we cover both!

Costs will always depend on what we know, what we need to find out, and why the search is required.

We encourage you to speak to our team and discuss your case. We will give a realistic opinion on the viability, we may offer alternative options, and a firm cost for the entire search. 

Once we know the details of your specific case, we can offer a firm costing for the search.


We charge all cases on a two-tier fee structure.


A submission fee

This is a budget we allocate to case expenditure. It ensures you get the very best services and search access.


A Location fee

This is only payable upon a successful outcome.


A typical search would be charged as, £149  submission fee and a final £149 location fee.


All costs are subject to VAT

Agatha (Paris)

"These people are patient, caring, and considerate. After spending nearly £1000, with another company who would no longer speak to me I decided to ask People Location to find my old friend who I haven't seen in 34 years. Not only did they find him and put me in touch, they did it in leas than a week and charged less than half of what i had already paid and been given nothing. Needless to say im after a refund, wishme luck..

I will keep you posted about our meeting next month.

Thank you"

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Tracing Family Or Tracing An Old Friend, We can Trace And Report!