Basic searches to in-depth tracing we cover both!


In-depth PersonTrace from £99* 

Use Our Most Powerful Datasets.

(Our Recommended Search) Expert Lead and investigated


Do you need an in-depth search with in-depth reporting? Access our full database arsenal as well as having one of the team actively research your trace. People Location stands out from the crowd when it comes to In-depth tracing. You will be assigned your own researcher who will discuss the case and what your end goals are. When it comes to Freeholder tracing with minimal information, recent movers, name variant tracing or genealogy searches to ascertain marriage details or current names, birthdates and more, our team excel in taking the snippets of information you have and piecing together a full profile of the individual you are tracing. Once we have all the data we can then make a positive location with the knowledge we have located the exact right person you are looking for. In-depth tracing requires an in-depth report. In-depth traces can include, high-level occupancy data, Telephone searches, E-Mail Searches, Maps Data, Adverse Credit Data, Corporate Data or Employment Searches, Social Media Searches, and as always, anything else that we think you might find interesting such as marriages, wills, and probate, birth records linked addresses and more..



Standard Debtor or batch Tracing (10 or more cases)

from £19 (Database Lead)

Simple & effective tracing! We use bespoke software and an expert people tracing specialist to undertake a thorough sweep of addresses and address links using state of the art people tracing software. All searches include a trace report including recorded telephone numbers at the address. We do need enough information to undertake the standard search so things like a current name, date of birth and last known address will always be useful for our team of people tracing experts. Perfect for debtor tracing, batch or volume tracing simple and effective people tracing solutions! 

Submission Fees

We are experts and most cases require an upfront fee for agent time and case expenditure. We don't simply run data, we are real experts doing real work! We focus on the client's end goals and a high level of customer service. Submission fees are not always needed and will depend on your case variables, Starting at £39+VAT we use these funds to fund a first-class search undertaken by experienced professionals. 

Call us, tell us your story. 0208 390 1703. We'll offer a reliable quote, for a reliable search!



*We want to give you the best service possible so some searches may need an additional budget to spend on the search. Searches may require significant research time, certificate trawls or enhanced dataset trawls which may incur additional submission fees.  Don't worry we will always discuss and agree on submission fees beforehand. 


All costs are subject to VAT

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