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Trace birth family or find long-lost family. Re-unite with our family finder experts. The People Location Tracing Agency has been undertaking family tracing services for over a decade. Our in-house, fully trained, tracing agents have official and compliant access to millions of published and non-published information sources.


Our team of family finders take on a direct role in tracing relatives on a no find no fee basis. So in the first instance, all our clients have nothing to lose by instructing our tracing agents to undertake the task.


Tracing Your Relatives


Our own research reveals The People Location Tracing Agency as one of the most cost-effective sources of compliant People Tracing or People finder services available in the UK today for tracing birth family, finding relatives or putting you back in touch with the children who you have lost touch with. Our reports are not a simple email with the address! The People Location Tracing Agents offer full occupancy data, telephone data Email addresses, D.O.B.’s and much more


Trace birth family, trace birth parents, Trace family you have not met!

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"I can't thank People Location enough, not only did they trace my Father but they also acted as a go between because I felt too nervous to contact him once I had his details! If your looking to find someone, make sure that you use these guys! 100% Recommended!!!"


(Andre, Hampshire)

Trace long lost relatives or family members with people location.

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Family Tracing

People Location have been UK people finders since 1998 and have over a decade of experience in tracing people in the UK. All trace requests submitted to People Location are reported back with, any associated telephone numbers or email addresses’.

Your allocated agent will be on hand to discuss any aspect of the tracing investigation. Put your people tracing request in the hands of experts who can instigate, direct and report in a clear understandable format.


Our extended services can also include initial intermediary contact


Simply complete the TRACE REQUEST FORM and your allocated agent will contact you in no time!


People Location  find missing persons nationwide.


Put your investigation in the hands of our professionally trained UK people tracing experts.


We don't just run data, real tracing experts with years of experience in data analysis and genealogy at your disposal.





Trace Family with People Location


If you need to get back in touch with family from the past or even if you haven’t met them we can trace them and report. We can even offer intermediary assistance to get things going.


We have all seen the recent TV programs with families being reunited after years apart. People Location has been approached by numerous TV companies for assistance with research and to get these success stories to put on TV.


People Location has nearly 2 decades of experience in reuniting lost family members. Being an experienced reliable firm we know that the task is a daunting venture and we all fear rejection. We are happy to assist and alleviate your concerns and take on an active role in getting communication moving swiftly, ethically and respectfully.


We work with everyday people who simply want to know if there is the possibility of relationships with their family before it’s becomes too late!


We are happy to work with minimal information. We have compliant access to thousands of datasets and are happy to undertake the genealogy tasks to make sure we get the right person. We search through marriage records, births data and deaths hence any registration that’s occurred since the late 1800’s are at our fingertips!


Don't worry if you don't have much information on your missing family member, we undertake in-depth searches with minimal information. We Love undertaking these searches!


Get back in touch with your family today, simply call us on 0208 390 1703 or fill out one of our forms. You could be back in touch with you missing family member in days!


Use a reliable, cost effective expert to put you back in touch.


We find the right person or your money back!