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Tracing Your Ex Tenant


If you’re looking for an experienced agent to locate your Ex-tenant People Location offer extensive searches which are second to none. Trace your Ex-tenants with reliable experts.


We have been doing in-depth tenant tracing and reporting on missing and absconding Ex-tenants for over a decade. So you can be assured that real experts with cutting-edge access are investigating your missing Ex-tenant.



My Tenant Has Left Without A Trace!


Don’t worry, we're here to help, advise and report! Our experts will not only run the details through bespoke cutting edge debtor, tenant tracing softwares. we are real experts who will take on a direct role in locating and confirming current address data for your missing tenant. If your tenant has left in very recently we can still find them! As our internal tenant tracing databases are updated on constant basis new records and up to date details are being added all the time. If we can’t locate them within our usual 3-5 days, we pass the case on to undertake constant monitoring of the supplied or procured X-tenants details and when fresh address data is recorded it lets us know and we let you know, Simple!

See How We Trace Ex Tenants

Why We Are A Premier Tenant Tracing Specialist


We don’t just run data and send you an ominous address with minimal information. We go further! Not only do we trace the person’s current address we also run additional searches as standard. All our cases undergo searches of telephone numbers, Current and previously recorded occupancy data, E-mail searches. We also add corporate connections and employments, insolvency and bankruptcy searches. Our tenant tracing specialists offer tracing at this high level which outshines the rest by a mile. And, as with all Tenant tracing submissions, you only pay for a positive location which is guaranteed to be the exact right person you are looking for.



Cost Effective And Reliable Tenant Tracing


Tracing your X tenant to a current address doesn’t need to be an expensive stressful process. We do all the work for you. You may have seen us on TV or heard about us on the radio and, as one of the UK's market leaders in tracing services, you know you’re in expert hands. Best off all we have slashed our prices on tenant tracing and now offer the same unique reliable and in-depth tracing service. 


Simply complete the online trace form or speak to one of our team. Searches usually take no longer than 3 working days and all our reports can be used in court or passed on to your legal representative.


Get what’s owed to you or your company with a reliable, recognized and cost effective tracing specialist.

"We have used several agencies for our tenant tracing and can say, without doubt, People Location stands head and shoulders above the rest. They don't like to give up on any case! A good team of professional People. Great Work guys."


(Tom, Landlord from Hove)

"People Location found my runaway tenants in a matter of hours! If you need help finding these people these guys are truly the bee's knees"


(Sandra, Landlady from Somerset)